Posted: 28th Sep 2018

Earlier this year we introduced you to 360 Go – the custom-built travel booking site designed to give our clients direct access to book European air travel, hotel and car rental in as little as 3 minutes. We had a hugely positive response from busy PAs and Travel Bookers who found the combination of flexible online booking, alongside the high level of support and service of a TMC, invaluable.

Through our continued investment in technology, travellers and travel bookers alike can now book international, long-haul air travel through 360 Go! Because the system is designed around your individual business needs, it eliminates the need to repeat the input of travel information, and anything you do change automatically syncs with BFP’s records, so your preferences are always up-to-date, however you choose to book.

We have worked hard to ensure no savings are missed, a case often found by booking more complex travel itineraries online, by integrating our 360 Search software seamlessly into the 360 Go tool. 360 Search is an automated programme that scans fare inventory every 20 minutes, ensuring a savings opportunity is never missed. If a lower fare is found, this is flagged to our dedicated fares team who re-book this free of charge and notify the traveller or booker of the savings made. This way, you can be assured of best value when booking long-haul and complex itineraries through 360 Go.

The benefits don’t end there. Each 360 Go booking is received by the BFP reservations system, ensuring users still benefit from the other 360 suite of products, such as 360 Secure (Risk Management) and 360 Roam (Itinerary Management). What’s more, an in-house 360 Go Technical Support Team is available to make even more improvements to the online booking process, based on your unique feedback.

We also mentioned earlier this year that rail travel booking would soon be introduced to 360 Go. This has now been implemented and we look forward to sharing this new feature with you in our next blog post. For more information on 360 Go or to arrange a demo of the site, please contact your Business First Partnership Account Manager or visit www.bfp.travel to get in touch.