Going Global

Posted: 27th Jun 2017

Is your business considering “Going Global” by implementing a global travel programme? If so, you aren’t alone; it’s a growing on-trend solution that many companies are exploring.  But whether your business operates across a handful of regions, or is a truly global enterprise, here at Business First Partnership we are challenging the concept of a single, global Travel Management Company (TMC), and instead see huge benefits in working with regional TMCs whatever your company’s global footprint.

High levels of service, greater compliance and significant savings are all tangible benefits of adopting a regional approach, not to mention a local TMC’s ability to forge alliances with like-minded travel companies in the areas that the service is needed. By identifying key partners within certain markets, a regional TMC is able to implement an entirely bespoke travel solution, responding better to the clients’ needs.  There is simply not this level of flexibility with a global TMC and often, the extra mile does not feature.

A regional TMC with an innovative approach to travel management will be able to deliver global hotel programmes, easier payment processes, better spend visibility, savvy cost saving initiatives and much more.  Let’s also not forget that technology has come a long way in the past few years – working with an alliance of regional TMCs who are able to share data, will enhance global traveller tracking and enable the efficient policing of travel policy across the board – two key areas of your global travel programme for which you can’t compromise.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail how Business First Partnership can form part of your regional approach to a global travel management solution, please visit www.bfp.travel to contact us.