How Business First Partnership Use Technology To Improve Every Stage Of Your Business Travel Journey.

Posted: 17th Mar 2017

At Business First Partnership we have invested in a range of innovative, bespoke technologies to allow our clients a 360-degree view of their business travel experience, from booking to boarding.  Here’s how our 360 Technology suite works to benefit you:

An online booking solution for all your short-haul travel:

Used to booking your short-haul travel on the internet? Say hello to 360 Go, our fully bespoke online booking tool. Providing end-to-end control, our in-house technology delivers a fast response booking solution for short-haul flights, accommodation and ground transport at prices you won’t find on the internet.

Understanding more about your detailed business travel needs:

For our clients who travel more frequently, both long- and short-haul, we store all your traveller information in 360 Profile – a safe and secure online portal linked directly to our reservation system.  This allows us to seamlessly populate your booking information without asking you for the same details each time.

Securing you the best price for your trip:

Our 360 Search technology not only secures you the best possible price at the point of booking, but continues to search for better value fares right up until the point your ticket is issued. This means we can guarantee that when you take your flight, you have achieved the best possible price for it!

Getting you seated where you want to be:

A lot of our clients take preference over where they sit on the plane, helping them to be more productive in the air.  With 360 Prime, bespoke technology continually interrogates airplane seat maps, right up to the point of departure, ensuring your preferred seat is always matched.

Making sure you never miss a saving:

For those organisations with multiple bookers and strict travel policies, our 360 Approve software is designed to inform decision-makers of any missed savings on held bookings. Travel bookers are given the ability to approve or decline trips at the touch of a button via email or our online dashboard.

A personal assistant for your Personal Assistant:

We provide a suite of standardised travel documents, easy-to-read itineraries and dynamic links to airline check-in pages, automatically uploading information in to your office calendar. 360 Organiser is there to do exactly what its name suggests – help keep you organised in the most seamless, straightforward way possible.

Check-in made simple:

One of the things we hear most from our business travellers is that they often forget to check-in online before their flight.  Our 360 Embark technology automatically completes the online check-in process for you, sending the boarding pass to any smart device or desktop.

Everything in the palm of your hand:

We all know that often the most straightforward itinerary can be open to change at the last minute.  With 360 Roam, you are kept up to date with any itinerary changes, notifications of gate numbers, flight delays and cancellations via your smart device.

Keeping you safe every step of the way:

As soon as you begin a journey, the most important thing is to know that you are safe at all times.  360 Secure is an integrated risk-management solution, delivering world-class intelligence which continually monitors live risk maps to allow us to respond immediately to travel disruption.

Understanding the business of Business Travel:

Entrusting a TMC like Business First Partnership with your business travel is an investment which we want you to understand. Our 360 Intelligence technology is designed to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of your business travel output. Accessible via a customisable dashboard with a comprehensive drill-down, our real-time reporting delivers management data, analysis and reports in less than 7 seconds.


If you’d like to know more about how our technology powers your business travel experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we would be delighted to tell you more!