How to Avoid Unnecessary Delays in Freezing Weather

Posted: 18th Mar 2018

With more freezing weather across the UK this week, delays and disruptions to business travel are likely. Every year we see a number of events that directly impact our clients’ journeys, and it is our responsibility to not only respond and re-route but to invest in effective communication that sees travellers fully informed and reassured at the first sight of trouble.

At Business First Partnership, duty of care is high on our priority list. We use a range of innovative, bespoke technologies that allow us to keep track of our clients’ travellers and provide extensive support whenever required. If travel plans are forced to change unexpectedly, our highly experienced travel team will contact all affected travellers by phone and email to ensure they are safe and to offer a reliable contingency plan.

In the form of our new app, 360 Aware, we are improving this process even further by collaborating with Flight Global, the market leader and largest data collection company for airline feeds, to build a direct interface to live flight cancellation and delay updates. By directly connecting with this live data we are removing all possible inconsistencies and can ensure 360 Aware will deliver flight disruption notifications instantly and in real-time.

Busy travellers want to avoid checking with their airline and re-checking with their TMC, needing instead just one reliable source of information. Flight cancellations, delays and gate changes will automatically trigger an alert direct to the traveller’s smartphone with any significant impacts to their journey. Our investment in technology does not replace our ‘real person’ approach however, as alongside the innovations that keep our travellers moving is a dedicated in-house support team, available 24/7 whatever the weather.