How you can book Business Travel online AND use a Travel Management Company!

Posted: 17th Apr 2017

It’s not uncommon to think that arranging travel falls in to two categories: booking online through various channels and using a Travel Management Company (TMC).  To a large degree, and certainly up until recently this is often the case. But traveller’s needs are changing, and more flexibility and instant booking are becoming a priority, so here at Business First Partnership we have combined our high level of travel management service with the ease and convenience of booking online.  Say hello to 360 Go – the easy way to book your short haul business travel online and with confidence.


360 Go allows you to book your flight, hotel, and ground transportation in a matter of minutes and is available via desktop and smart device – giving you instant access to over 400 airlines and 175,000 hotels, along with the best rates from leading car rental companies. This is a far wider range than you would find with a regular Online Travel Agency, and is just one of the many benefits available to our 360 Go customers.


As soon as you book via 360 Go, a personalised itinerary will be created for you. This itinerary is dynamic and will automatically change if any of your travel plans are updated – something our business travel clients tell us is invaluable.  In addition, as soon as your trip begins, you will be protected by our full risk management support system which offers traveller tracking, contingency planning in the face of travel disruption, and useful destination guides which are particularly helpful if travelling to high-risk areas.


But perhaps the most important feature of 360 Go which truly blends the benefits of online with a TMC, is that you can speak to real people.  No more long call waiting times trying to get in touch with airlines or hotels, no more emails to info@ to try and determine the status of an altered itinerary – our in-house 24/7 support team are contactable day or night to ensure your travel plans are always in safe hands.


What sets our service apart from others is that it is not just our ‘traditional’ travel management clients who gain the exclusive benefits – those who just want to ‘book and go’ or may only use our service ad-hoc benefit from this too. If you would like to know more about 360 Go, or any of the

other technology products and services within our 360 Suite, visit and we will be happy to share more information with you.