New Financial Year = New Focus on Business Travel Booking Habits

Posted: 29th Apr 2018

There’s nothing like a year end financial report to promote change in how your business books travel. As the global economy has recovered, so too have the costs of flights and hotels leaving businesses looking for a more holistic way to understand what their organisation spends on corporate travel.

Now is the ideal time to review the previous financial year to give the best insight into your business travel behaviour – we have met with many companies recently who have switched their focus to booking in advance, managing missed savings, and using accurate reporting to effectively reduce their travel spend. Working with a TMC like Business First Partnership to do this will benefit your organisation on several levels.

For those organisations with multiple bookers and strict travel policies, our 360 Approve software is designed to inform decision-makers of any missed savings on held bookings. By tackling this heads-on with both travellers and travel bookers, we are able to disrupt bad practices – travel bookers are given the ability to approve or decline trips at the touch of a button via email or online dashboard.

Our 360 Intelligence service provides real-time reporting (available in just 7 seconds), so clients can understand and evaluate booking trends, fare savings and travel expenditure. One of our most requested reports, Advance Booking Analysis, is a prime example of how 360 Intelligence has helped clients immeasurably. This report displays booking patterns and can flag up any bookings made within 7 days of a trip’s departure date. Information like this is key when it comes to projecting cost savings for an organisation and can often result in tens of thousands of pounds saved per annum.

The technology we offer will undoubtedly help improve efficiency and reduce costs of business travel, and to compliment this we have introduced a collaboration with onsite workshops to support a company’s commitment to cost saving, meaning our clients truly have their fingers on the pulse for any travel related costs as they occur.

For more information on how else 360 Intelligence and 360 Approve can benefit your business, please visit our website and get in touch at