New Year… New Technology from your TMC

Posted: 23rd Jan 2018

You may recall our blog in March last year where we introduced you to our 360 Technology products, designed to improve every stage of your business travel journey. In the past 10 months we have been busy gaining feedback and fine-tuning the booking-to-boarding process, with the view to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible for our business travellers and their travel bookers.

To make our clients’ lives easy, it means providing useful assistance before their journey has even begun. We have decided this year to give our clients access to the same airline schedule database used widely within the industry – this includes the most up-to-date journey times and specific aircraft information for any given flight. 360 Timetable will allow travel planners to personally research and save flights from the most accurate and wide-ranging data source available, with the aim being to deliver options best suited for even the most complex business travel requirements. 360 Timetable will be launching soon as an easy-to-use search database with a straightforward user interface.

Once your journey has begun, our 360 Roam app has always been ideal for syncing travel itineraries in one place, but it now also provides useful tips on your travel destination and offers a calendar function to add key business information which may be relevant to your journey. To compliment this app, and due to popular demand, in the coming months we will be launching 360 Aware, a service dedicated entirely to instant flight disruption notifications.

Before you even leave home, you will be sent an e-mail with your 24-hour check-in reminder. Once on the move, flight cancellations, delays and gate changes will automatically trigger an alert direct to your smartphone, so travellers are immediately aware of any significant impacts to their journey. In addition, connection times are highlighted against any potential disruption, which will be particularly helpful for travellers with multi-leg itineraries.

To find out more about any of our 360 Technology products, or to be alerted when 360 Timetable and 360 Aware are available, please visit our newly designed website and request a call back.