Online Business Travel Booking Made Simple With 360 Go

Posted: 27th Feb 2018

If you’re a busy PA or travel booker, you’ll know the tedious nature of online travel booking forms; even with the help of ‘auto-fill’, you find yourself repeating the same information time and time again in order to get the best possible itinerary and price for an upcoming trip. Despite many travel bookers working with Travel Management Companies (TMCs), mounting pressure to meet travel budgets and time constraints means searching online, which seems like a viable solution.

But imagine for one moment if you could have the best of both worlds. More flexibility, instant online booking, and the high level of support and service you would expect from a TMC. Or what about a booking system built entirely around your own company specifications and travel policy? Though these may sound like ‘wish list’ items, they are in fact a real list of just some of the features of Business First Partnership’s 360 Go.

360 Go is a custom-built travel booking site, providing BFP clients direct access to book short-haul UK domestic and European air travel as well as Worldwide hotel or car rental in as little as 3 minutes. Because the system is designed around your individual business needs, it eliminates the need to repeat the input of travel information, and anything you do change automatically syncs with BFP’s records, so your preferences are always up to date however you choose to book.

The benefits don’t end there. Each 360 Go booking is received by the BFP reservations system, ensuring users still benefit from their other 360 suite of products, such as 360 Secure (Risk Management) and 360 Roam (Itinerary Management). What’s more, an in-house 360 Go Technical Support Team is available to make even more improvements to the online booking process, based on your unique feedback.

In fact, it is because of this feedback that BFP will soon be introducing an exciting new feature to 360 Go. The addition of rail travel booking (powered by Trainline), will provide clients with big savings on rail service fees. By making rail bookings through 360 Go, it will not only save costs but importantly enable more effective risk management and better insight in to a company’s travel spend.

For more information on 360 Go or to arrange a demo of the site, please contact your Business First Partnership Account Manager or visit to get in touch