Risk Management at Business First Partnership

Posted: 21st May 2017

In recent years, we have seen a number of events affecting travellers; from severe weather to terror attacks, various air and rail strikes, and even President Trump’s travel ban. At Business First Partnership, duty of care is high on our priority list. We have invested in a range of innovative, bespoke technologies, allowing us to keep track of our clients’ travellers and provide extensive support whenever required.

Working together with iJet, world leaders in risk management and crisis avoidance, Business First Partnership assists our clients in meeting their own duty of care to their staff. Anyone travelling to a High Risk Country (Rating 4 or 5) is provided with a Safety Information Pack, updated every month, detailing potential terrorism or health threats, local customs, general health advice and how to look after yourself whilst travelling to that particular destination.

Our 360 Secure integrated management solution delivers world-class intelligence, continually monitoring live risk maps to allow us to respond immediately to travel disruption. If travel plans are forced to change unexpectedly, our highly experienced travel team will contact all affected travellers by phone and email to ensure they are safe. Seats are held automatically and an updated quote is sent to the traveller or travel booker for approval.

The business reality is that the world today is unpredictable and a crisis can emerge at any time. That is why our clients are provided with 24/7 support, ensuring they experience as little disruption as possible with an effective, reliable contingency plan that sees them arriving home safely and in good health.

Duty of care is extremely important to Business First Partnership. The New York and New Jersey bombings is one example of how we have supported our clients’ travellers:

In September 2016, three bombs exploded in various places across New York and New Jersey. Although it was the weekend and out of office hours, one of our dedicated 24/7 travel consultants contacted all affected travellers to ensure they were safe and aware of the events. Luckily, none of our travellers had been hurt but were grateful nevertheless for the quality and efficiency of the BFP service they had received.