Why Customer Feedback is Essential to our Product Development

Posted: 29th May 2018

Customer feedback plays an essential role at Business First Partnership – we never stop listening to our clients whether it’s positive, negative, prompted or unprompted. Our objective as a travel management company is to provide the best possible customer experience, and the only way to do that is to be open to every opinion and insight.

In fact, all the innovations within our 360 Technology suite have been borne from client feedback, client experience and the requirements of busy business travellers. Our range of bespoke technologies allow our clients a 360-degree view of their business travel experience, from booking to boarding – all inspired by their own journeys.

One of the things we heard most from business travellers is that the various admin involved can be frustrating. We decided to respond to this common complaint by creating a series of smart solutions to reduce travel admin for even the most straightforward itinerary. 360 Organiser compiles all your travel documents in one place, 360 Embark automatically completes the online check-in process for you, and 360 Roam keeps you up-to-date with any itinerary changes.

Most recently we developed 360 Aware after an airline failed to notify us of a flight cancellation. It means that travellers now have live information directly from the source about any potential delays, cancellations, or even if their connection times are affected. But it’s not only the journey for which customer feedback provides essential input. 360 Timetable has been developed for the travel booker and travel planner, after learning from a client that searching flight schedules was becoming frustrating. We created a straightforward interface, so they could access the same database used within the industry, personally researching flights from the most wide-ranging data source available. Additionally, we have built a useful copy function which allows you to paste the schedules straight to your email.

We never stop learning from our customers – at Business First Partnership we understand that although we may have the best expertise in the industry, our professional knowledge will never be more valuable than our customers’ insight. By having an open dialogue with each of our clients, nothing gets ‘lost in communication’, and their experiences help to ensure that our products and services meet their expectations, solve problems, and fulfil their needs.

To learn more about the Business First Partnership 360 Technology Suite, or to speak to us about your own experiences, visit www.bfp.travel to get in touch.